About Me

I am a children’s and Young Adult writer. I love daydreaming and creating stories. I love sharing the results of  my imagination with other people and encouraging them to imagine as well., . Your imagination will help you picture what I write.

When I was younger, my favourite things to do were read books and write essays. Now, I write books for children. My imagination is infinite. I touch topics that affect the lives of hundreds of thousand of families every year. My first published book was the To The Transplant Games. My next book is a story of a child who falls into the pages of a book and has to deal with a white mist that affects people’s behaviour.

Where does my inspiration come from?

My book, To The Transplant Games, was written because my family was affected by organ donation: my mum gave my sister a kidney over three and a half decades ago. Everything we went through during this time was magnified and distorted by my imagination.

My sister is still alive with Mum’s kidney. That is brilliant!

The White Mist idea? Well, that stemmed from the death of a close family member who had Alzheimer’s Disease.

Anything Else?

My background is in childcare. I have worked in schools, daycare centres and more. I have read books to children and I remember when sitting on the couch with my Nan reading books to me. I’ve written hundreds of stories and articles over the past ten years. And, now, I want to share the results of my imagination with you, my readers.

I love talking books! So, if you ever find me in a coffee shop or at a signing, come over and have a chat. I’ll be happy to hear about your favourite stories or what you’ve read recently. And, if you or your family has experienced an organ transplant, drop me a line. I welcome to read your experience – no matter how old you are or were.

My Accent

As can tell from the way I write and the words I use I have a bit of an accent. I grew up in England with my sister, brother, mum and dad. My childhood was spent swimming in the sea, playing games, sitting in the couch reading with my Nan and having the occasional argument with my siblings.

Use your imagination to add joy to your life. Stay in touch, I’d love to hear from you,

Caroline McIntosh