Athletes, Families and Visitors

Athletes, Families and Visitors

Thank you for your support.

Saturday was a wonderful day. It was great to meet everyone, athletes and supporters. It was a pleasure to have a stall and answer questions about the Transplant Games, my sister’s transplant and the book, To The Transplant Games. Thank you.

Here are some of the photographs to remind us all of the experience at Varsity Stadium. The only dampner – quite literally – was the rain. The event was rained out! Everyone had to leave early.


Above is my wonderful and very supportive friend, Helen. Thank you, Helen.


The True and False Activity, just to keep people thinking about transplants.


Duncan and myself at the booth and welcoming customers.


Who is this? You might wonder…

Hmm… the mop of blonde hair and glasses are pretty good hints.

Nurse Gabriel…

Yep! Right from the pages of the book, thank you, Nurse Gabriel for visiting the Stadium and supporting The Canadian Transplant Games.

IMG_0893 IMG_0900

Just how much money have you given to the Canadian Transplant Games, Caroline? I imagine you are wondering. Well, with your help and support…

Over $200

Thank you all for supporting the Games and buying the book, I truly appreciate it.

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