Three teens, two sisters and one common theme: organ donation. Join the experience as three teenagers live life after organ transplant.

Every time you buy a copy of this book, you support the British Transplant Games. This is a charity which assists organ transplant recipients as they get healthy after their operation.

“On going into To The Transplant Games, I have to admit I was a little unsure of what to expect. I’m a bit of an escapist reader so I tend to read sci-fi or fantasy books and am not usually drawn to things set in the real world. But I’m so glad that I went for it this time!” – Susanne Valenti, YA author of the Cage of Lies Series.

“To the Transplant Games is an insightful gift from someone who knows how important organ donation is.” – Yvonne Heath, author of Love Your Life to Death.


Ever wanted to know what happens in a book when you’re not reading it?

Well, Ruthie Bayou discovers the characters have their own lives and even visit other books. Join her on the adventure as she sits in a magical chair in her favourite bookshop.

The Ruthie Bayou series are fictional, fantasy stories which spread the imagination  with magic. This is the first of the series with more to come.