My Nanny

“My name is Robert. I am five years old. I have a three-year old sister called Polly. We live in Canada. We have an English nanny looking after us, when my parents go to work; she comes in and cares for us, then she leaves at the end of the day.

I like my nanny, her name is Caroline, and she is funny and takes us to lots of fun places, like the museum and the library. Sometimes my sister and I do things that make her mad.

Caroline has told us about England. She once told me she went to a very good nanny school in England. It was a really long name, sounded like Norland Nursery Training College. At school, she learned to look after children. It took her two years and she learned to cook and do fun stuff with children. She has looked after loads of children before coming to our house. I asked her if she loved them more than me. She smiled at me and said, “No, I could not love any children more than you and Polly.”

My nanny and my parents had a chat before she started looking after us. My mum told me one time, that she wants someone who is trained and has experience. Caroline has been trained, that’s when she went to the special school. Not all parents want their nannies to be trained or to have looked after other kids. I know mu mum wants us to have the best care and she is willing to pay the big bucks for a nanny. I didn’t really understand what that means, I’ve never seen big bucks. They always look the same size whenever I see them.

Caroline showed us a really big map of the world, she pointed to Canada and England. Then, she showed me France and a place called Switz-a-land and told me she went to these places on an airplane, to talk to families who wanted nannies, before she came to Canada.

My nanny says caring for me and my sister is fun. She says it is a portable career. I asked her ‘Wots portable?’ She said, ‘Well, you can do it anywhere. Remember Mary Poppins packed up her stuff and just floated into Jane and Michael’s lives… and then she floated out of them?’ I nodded. ‘That’s what I mean by portable,’ Then she said, ‘Come on, let’s go and read a story. Which one do you want today?'”

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I wrote this piece many years ago. Any other nannies or daycare providers out there? Say hello, Caroline

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